24H - 2014


24 Hour Contest - January - Tourism

Result - 1st prize winner

This was very fun for me.

I love the pressure of 24 hours.

It helps me make decisions quickly.

My entry is number 13 - Caribbeano

This is where the entries are posted:



Holiday Sellout

Results - 1st prize winner

24 Hour Contest - February - Commercialism

This was a tough topic but I like how it turned out,

It's still early to have the geeklist.

But you can download the game here:



8 Pirates

Results - 1st prize winner (tie)

You are a deckhand pirate who doesn’t really belong to any one crew. You consisder yourself a free spirit and the other crews like you so they don’t mind you moving around a little. You need to collect pirates and pirate related objects and give them to the crews you seem fit. Things will change and who knows what crew you will belong to in the end. You get gold coins based on the items you have. Can you outsmart your opponents and become the richest deckhand in the sea?


Ninja Bowling

Results - 1st prize winner (tie)

It’s time to kill some pins. You must beat your opponent by throwing star cards at bowling pin cards. If you get more pins than your opponent you get a spare, if you knock out all the pins in doing so, you get a strike. First person to get 3 strikes wins.

Players: 2

Time: 15 min

Contents: 24 cards

Set up:

Pick a color.

Set up the bowling pin cards in a triangle like shown. Put your strike/spare cards off to the side. Hold your star cards in your hand.


Each player throws a card at their pins to see who goes first.

Whoever is touching the most cards gets to go first.

If there is a tie, keep throwing to someone gets more.

You take turns throwing your cards. Your hand can not go past the front pin of the pins in front of you.

The winner of the previous round goes first.

If you get a spare (win a round), then win another round. That spare becomes a strike, just flip it over.


Each round each player throws 3 star cards. Whoever touches the most combined cards wins a spare. If the player touches all the cards over the course of the 3 throws, they will get a strike card. First person to get 3 strike cards wins. All ties void each other out for each round.


If you want to add a new challange use the numbers on the back of the cards to score points. You get points for the cards you land on. You can play to a predetermined score. Or you can win unless you have more points than your opponent.



Cyborgo - 2nd Place Winner

In a future when cyborgs are half the population, you are one of them. You will need to keep your identity secret and expose yourself at the same time. There are 4 system networks in the city of Cyborgo. You earn double points when you apeear in your own network and zero points when you appear on the server you are not allowed. The more you expose yourself, the more you chance you will have to score points. Watch out out for obstacles and your fellow cyborgs.

Players: 2-6

Time: 30 min

Contents: 70 cards (40 cyborg cards, 8 cyborg identity cards) (18 action cards (3 of each), 4 system cards)

Set up:

Choose a dealer. There are 8 different Cyborg identity cards. Each player chooses one at random and keeps it a secret for the entire game.

deal 4 cards to each player. Layout 4 cards face up next to the draw pile.

Place the 4 system cards in a straight vertical line in the center of the paying surface.


The game will end when one person runs out of cards.

The person who most recently watched Robocop goes first.

*Goal- to get the most points on the board based on how many of your cyborgs are showing.

On your turn you will do the following:

1 - You must take one of the 4 face up cards next to the draw pile

2 - Replace that card with the top card from the draw pile.

3 - Play a card next to another card in one of the system lines.

you can play a card in the beginning of the system row.

If you do this you must move the sysyem card one spot to the left and place the card to the right of the system card

Action Cards

The cure - flips a face down card back over

The virus - flip any card it is next to, not diagonal

Serge - place this card on top of a cyborg card, not another action card

Repair - remove a serge card

Erase - removes any action card on the same server you place it. Except locked card.

Lock - any card next to a locked card can’t be moved or covered

*Make a separate discard pile away from the draw pile for all dicarded actions cards.

You want your secret cyborg to be visible on the board but you don’t want anyone to know which one is yours.


There is a red number on your card, that means your cyborg gets no points in that system

The green number means you get double points for your cyborgs in that system (2)

Very easy to calulate your score

1 point for every cyborg that matches the one on your cyborg idenity card

If the number in the green square matches the system number, you get 2 points

If the number in the red square matches the sytem you are in, you get 0 points

Highest score wins



Gothico - First Place Winner

- The massive murdering micro game

In 1880 the town of Gothic Colorado was established when silver was discovered on nearby Gothic Mountain. Prospectors rushed to Gothic in hopes of striking it rich. The town was booming with thousands of people cashing in. Soon, Gothic was infested with low life murderers we came to Gothic to steal and kill the newly rich.

You are faced with the Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde experience set in a beautiful mountain mining town of the old west. As a townie you are trying to avoid your own demise. As a murderer you are trying to eliminate the kind citizens of Gothic. When the lights go out for your townie and your murderer, so do you.

33 cards (9 locations, 8 Townies, 8 Murders, 8 Special)

2-8 Players

Age 13+

30 minutes

Cards: https://www.dropbox.com/s/raqh3h3bkbrilyv/Gothico%20Cards.pd...

Rules: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gf50c50x2g1arxo/gothico%20instruct...


Soccer Star

A micro soccer game

Players: 2+


Time: 10 min +

18 cards

This is a dexterity game where the card becomes the ball, kind of. Follow the instructions on the cards be the one with the most solid stars.

To start the game decide on a color. There are 8 challenge cards, take all of your color. Your objective is to win the most challenges, more than that, it is to win the most solid colored stars. The solid stars rank the difficulty, 1 is the easiest, 3 is the hardest. If you win a challenge you collect the card from that challenge from the other player, so they can’t get those points. You add up your colored stars at the end, the most wins. In case of a tie randomly choose another challenge as a tie breaker. This game can be played with more than 2 players. You can use multiple decks or keep track by marking distances.

The bomb

Put this card between your pointer finger and you middle finger. While keeping your hand above your head throw this card as far as you can. Like a goalie throwing the ball down field. Whoever’s card goes the farthest wins.

The Kick

Stand side by side with your opponents and face the same direction. Start with this card in your hand with your arm extending straight out away from your body. Release this card and kick it. Whoever’s card goes the farthest wins

Sudden Death

You get 5 shots at the goal with this card. sit across from your opponent, you choose how far away you are. You can start with a sitting at a table. Each player makes a goal with there fingers, 2 l shapes with thumbs touching is recomended. You then flick this card into the goal. Best out 5 wins, if there is a tie, keep playing till someone misses..

In Bound

Put this card between your hands, on the edges, not like a sandwich. Put your hands behind your head with your thumbs touching your back. Using a quick strong motion throw this card as far as you can. Whoever’s card goes the farthest wins.

Stand off

Directly face your opponent, toes touncing. Then you each take one step back. Toss this card into the chest of the other player, you both must catch it at the same time. If you both suceed, take another step back. First one to get 3 drops or misses loses. A miss is when you don’t throw the card at your opponent’s chest. Like throwing a strike in baseball.

Catch It

Put this card on thip of the foot of your choice. Raise your foot a foot off the ground, holf for 3 seconds then kick straight up. You must catch the card. First person to drop it 3 times loses. All rounds must be evenly played. If there is a tie play one more round until there is a single winner.

Foot Switch

Start with this card on your right foot, both feet flat on the ground. Raise your foot a foot off the ground. Drop this card on to your left foot. If the card hits the ground, you lose. Each player Continues doing this until all players but one fail. If more than one person is succesful, switch feet and try again. If all plaers fail, switch feet and try again.

Chest bump

Stand 3-5 feet away from your opponent facing eachother. Take turns throwing the card at the chest of your opponent. If you miss you get a -1 score. The goal is to catch this card with your foot or leg after it hits your chest and hold it for at least 3 seconds, that earns +1 score. Each player gets 5 tries, Higest score wins, in case of tie, play one more round.





The Icelandic Cola Game

Iceland sells more Cola per capita than anywhere in the world. Be the first person to guess what amount of cola your friend has drank and in what order they drank it. First player to guess correctly wins.

2 Players

5-10 minutes



Shuffle the cards. Deal one card to each player.

The cards are double sided. Keep the face down card

a secret in your hand, it is ok to show the back.

Put 3 cards out on the table.


The dealer goes first and picks a card from the table. The other player also picks one. There will be one card left over which slides to the bottom of the pile. That is round 1. There will be 4 rounds. This is a guessing game. You are setting up your hand for the other person to guess your exact cards are including the order.

When each player has 5 cards it is time to guess. The other player gueses first. This includes the correct order. Ex. 14341. The dealer answers by saying how many numbers are correct ansd how many are in the correct order. It is a little like mastermind. During the game you may not mix up the order of the cards.

After each player guesses, the 5th card (the card on your right)is discarded and placed secret side up in front of each player. Draw and place 3 cards on the table from the pile like in the biginnig of the game. The dealer goes first and picks, the the other player. The other card goes under the pile. the other player guesses, then the dealer guesses. If no one is correct, continue and discard your another card from the right end of your hand. At this point there should be 4 cards in each person’s hand and 2 in front of them. That leaves 3 cards in the pile. That is enough for one more round of drawing and guessing.

If no one is correct you continue guessing back and forth till you have a winner



Mafia Sheep

3-8 player

15 minutes


First of all, I ran out of time on the rules.

I hand drew all the sheep and it look longer than I thought.

The game is very similar to love letter, so you can figure it out

My students love letter, but we have 7 players

So i attempted to design a game based on love letter

that could be played with 8 players which is also like werewolf

I still have some details to iron out

I will continue to work on this after the contest

This games ils like Love letter.

I wanted to do something sililar that could be played with 8 players

Here are the rankings.

The goal is to not be killed. win 3 rounds.

You all get one card, on your turn you draw a card,

it's over when no more cards


Godfather - You can name a rank and they are out of the round.

Underboss - If you can identify the undercover fbi agent, you win.

Conceliere - If you are identified by the FBI.That player wins the round.

Madam - You can ask any rank to reveal themselves to everyone.

Informant - If this card is in your hand you can lie.About any question you are asked.

Enemy - Point to a player, if they have a cardhigher than they 3, they are out.

Capo - If you play this card, you are safe fromelimination for one round.

Soldier - Secretly look at the card of your choice.If the card is FBI, they are out.

FBI - If you ask a player if they are the godfatherand they have the card, you win.

Undercover - If you are identified by the FBI.That player wins the round.





A game for Halloween - or not!

Be the first to player slap the most correct pairs of Jack-O-Lanterns

with one hand always behind your back

2 player - 18 card microgame

Games can be combined to add more players

5 minutes or less to play one game

5 games equal a match

ages 5+

Design by Odd Hackwelder

There are 8 pairs of Jack-O-Lanterns

Each pair is different

Beware, some look the same upsidedown!

Each Player gets 8 cards, one of each patternShuffle the 8 cards and place them in a pile on the left side in front of you.

Put your smacking hand behind your back.

At the same time flip a card in front of you and place it to the right of the draw pile. Quickly put that hand behind your back.

If you see a match, you need to smack the card in front of you first, followed by the one in front of the other player.The first person to smack that pair keeps it.

If another player smacks a different pair, they can keep it.

If someone smacks the wrong card, they can’t play that round and the other player can have a free shot at any other avaiable match.

Once 7 pairs are claimed, the game is over.

First person to win 5 games wins the match!

Combine games and play with 4,6 or 8 players. Same rules apply.

*Note - you will be looking at your opponets cards upsidedown and some pairs will easily look alike.You were warned!



Beard Men

Players: 2-4

Time: 10 min

Age: 8+

Summary: This is a very simple guessing and deduction game.

Set up: Deal 3 cards to each Player. Place the remainder of the cards off to the side. The player with the most facial hair goes first.

Rules: The starting player will ask a player of their choice if they have 2 beard styles in their hand. The question must contain the word “OR”. Ex. “Do you have the Fu Manchu or the Goatee?” The player wil answer with a yes or no, that is it. The player may not ask the same person twice in arow, unless it is a two player game. On your turn, instead of asking a question, you may take a guess at the 3 beard styles of one player. If you are right, you win the game. If you are wrong, you are out. Play continues till someone wins.





2-6 players

30 minutes

Ages 6+

54 cards (18 different suns, 9 different colored cards)

Suns is a set collecting game with multiple scoring options. You can play sets for points but holding out can make things more interesting.


Whoever is the hottest goes first. The person to the right of the starting player is the dealer. The dealer deals 3 cards to each player and places the remaining cards in a pile in the center. Flip the same number of carder face up in a row next to the draw pile equal to the number of player in the game.


The starting player announces to everyone to place a card face up in front of them. These cards will become the next cards in the discard pile. The starting player chooses one card from the draw deck and one card from the face up cards. Play will continue until everyone goes and all the face cards are gone that were next to the draw pile. The person to the left of the starting player will be the next starting player. They will move the cards in front of each player to the row next to the draw player. The starting player will announce to place any sets of three in front of them. This is the only time to place a set(at the end of each round).

Play will continue like this until all the cards are gone or there is not enough cards for each player to draw one. That will be the final round and final round ends with placing one final set.

* You make only place one set per round. (don't wait too long)

You may only score once per set.


Set A: 3 of the same color (more than 3 suns) 1pt

Set B: 3 of the same color (only 3 suns) 3pt

Set C: 3 small suns exactly the same 1pt

Set D: 3 medium suns exactly the same 2pt

Set E: 3 large suns exactly the same 3pt

Set F: 3 suns that are the same(small, medium, large)5pts